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Empowering Independent Coaches & Consultants To Maximise Their Performance In The AI Age

Welcome to Level, your strategic partner for transformational growth. We empower coaches, and consultants to excel in the AI Age through the design, development, and delivery of transformational experiences for their clients.

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Raising Your Game In The AI Age

Hi, I’m Dan Ford, an independent Business & Executive Coach and the Founder of Level.

At Level, we recognise that staying ahead in the ultra-fast world of AI and automation requires everyone to raise their game to achieve the superhuman levels of performance and productivity needed to stay competitive in the new world of work.

With a background in business strategy, branding, marketing, and technology, I’m passionate about empowering independent coaches and consultants with the knowledge, skills and tools to thrive rather than just survive in this new AI-powered world of work.

If you’re ready to raise your game and embrace the new age of AI and automation, schedule a free consultation today.

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Digital Transformation
One Step At A Time

We adopt a coactive and collaborative approach at Level, that not only empowers you to elevate your performance and productivity, but also enables you develop new skills as part of the process - so you can seamlessly integrate the power of cutting-edge technologies into your daily life.

Our aim is to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible. To achieve this we've created a structured process that's split into three phases - Development, Design & Delivery.


We recognise that every cient's needs are unique, so this modular approach ensures that we can tailor our approach to your specific goals and requirements. 

With no obligation to progress through every stage of the process, you have the flexibility to stop at any point. Plus, Level's pricing is structured to ensure you only pay for what you need. Here’s how it works:


Gain strategic clarity and direction with our business and brand development services. We help you identify your niche, clarify your brand's purpose, and develop compelling offerings that set a strong foundation for your business.


Bring your ideas to life with our implementation services. From prototyping and testing to launching and iterating, we manage the entire product development process to ensure high-quality, user-tested solutions that exceed your expectations.


Transform your strategic vision into actionable plans. We work with you to create detailed product specifications, generate innovative solutions, and plan the technical implementation with our expert insights.


Enhancing Client Experience & Boosting Engagement

One of the challenges of innovation is identifying which solutions will improve and enhance a client's experience of your services. Level's design-centric approach starts by understanding your clients' goals, needs, and requirements, before working with you to create a customised suite of solutions that will deliver an exceptional customer experience.



Strategise & Plan

Our Development services help you define your strategy and vision, so you can move forward with clarity and confidence


Identify your niche and understand your target market and audience.


Define your core values, mission, and brand positioning.


Develop your service proposition and pricing strategy.


Create effective marketing strategies to reach your target audience.


Identify systems to increase your productivity and boost your performance.



Ideate & Create

Our Design services help you bring your ideas and vision to life.


Create your custom models, frameworks, e-learning pathways and assessments


Develop your brands, content strategies and social media integrations.


Design your booking systems, 24/7 virtual coaches, and personalised tools.


Develop your community engagement solutions and management tools.


Develop your systems to ensure effective and consistent messaging and interactions.

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Build & Deploy

Our Delivery services cover every step of building and deploying your digital products and services.

Step 01 - Prototype

Develop prototypes, conduct user testing, gather feedback.

Sep 02 - Test

Perform QA (quality assurance) testing, usability testing, fix bugs and issues.

03 - Review

Review test results, refine features, create documentation, and provide training.

04 - Deploy

Develop and implement your launch plan, and monitor performance.

05  - Iterate

Collect feedback, plan updates and release iterative improvements.


Why Work With Us

Level's solutions aren't just about the technology – they're about the impact they have on your clients and their enhanced experience of your services. Here are a few of the results you can expect.

Enhanced Client Experience

Greater Client Engagement & Retention

Increased Client Satisfaction & More Referrals

Operational Efficiency

Increased Productivity & Performance

Time and Cost Savings

Enhanced Online Presence

Improved SEO & Search Rankings

Stronger Digital Footprint

Business Growth

Improved Lead Generation & Conversion

Expanded Reach

Competitive Advantage

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Future-Proof Your Business

Multilingual Functionality

Achieve Tangible Outcomes

Increased Productivity & Performance


Platforms Powered By Level

Level is currently designing and delivering a number of innovative platforms that are set to transform the landscape of personal and professional growth.


More than just learning tools; the platforms are gateways to a world of opportunity, growth, and self-discovery. Each one embodies Level's commitment to innovation, personalisation, and excellence in learning and development.

Personal Development Reimagined

Fathom offers a personalised journey of self-improvement and productivity enhancement. With its customisable dashboard and AI-driven insights, it empowers individuals to take charge of their personal growth, blending coaching concepts with a supportive community.


Future-Proof Your Career

The Work Ahead focuses on equipping professionals with the skills needed in a rapidly evolving work environment. This platform combines leadership and career development tools with AI integration, helping users navigate the complexities of modern business landscapes.

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Planning for a Fulfilling Future

The Longer Life is dedicated to helping individuals plan and prepare for a longer, healthier life. Utilizing the power of AI and personalized coaching, this platform provides resources and guidance for optimising health, well-being, and the overall quality of life.

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