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Fast Track Your Creative Business

Level's coaching workshops and programmes empower creative entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve their personal performance and deliver exponential growth for their businesses.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Level's business coaching services are specifically designed to address the challenges of establishing, scaling and managing a creative business. Here are a few of the areas we cover:

Business Design & Strategy

Growth & Innovation

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Operations Management

Business Development

Business Coaching
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Level's executive coaches work directly with creative executives and entrepreneurs, helping them to improve their competencies, capabilities and performance. Here are some of the areas we cover:

Professional Development

Work-Life Balance

Networking & Communication

Career Pathfinding & Planning

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Development

Level's leadership development programmes and workshops address the complex challenges of leading a creative business. Here are a few of the areas we cover:

Vision Creation

Inspiring & Motivating Teams

Conflict Management & Resolution

Improving Performance & Results

Increasing Impact & Influence

Team Coaching
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