Team Coaching

Identify & Address The Forces Affecting Your Creative Business

Level’s proprietary Team Coaching Model identifies and addresses the internal and external forces that affect your organisation's ability to scale effectively.

External Forces

The model gives you the strategic foresight to assess and analyse the impact of the many macro factors and forces that will affect your creative business in the short and long term.

Empowered with an awareness of this bigger picture, you'll be able to make more informed team decisions when devising and implementing your business and brand strategy.

Internal Forces

Challenges to growth and innovation can often come from inside a creative business. The model will enable you to identify and overcome any communication and collaboration issues that may impact the ability of your creative business to scale and grow effectively.

Growth & Innovation Zone

The Growth & Innovation Zone represents the strategy and tactics that your organisation will adopt in order to grow and scale effectively in the context of the internal and external forces acting upon it.

It's only by ensuring that your team has the confidence and courage to operate effectively in this zone that you can ensure the ongoing growth and success of your creative business.

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